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Amour a sens unique

I think everyone know that, at least one time in your life, you experienced that, one side love. And yeah me too. He is supposed to be a friend, someone I care a lot about, but like in the song "I can't pretend that I'm jsut a friend". I would like but seems that when I talk about him, there is something in my voice telling, almost yelling I like him. I don't want, I don't want to feel that because I know nothing will happen, he will never like me back, or not like I want him to. I am already happy he consider me as a friend, and comes on msn every weekend only for me, only to talk to me. He sends me message on my mobile and I wouldn't care but some are so sweet....
How do you want me to forget my feelings? People could say he act like normal, mais sometimes, he is really cute. I know when we will see eachohter, I know how it will be, that mostly it will be having some fun sex, but yeah I wish he could have some feelings for me. Or not only see me as a friend. But I am asking too much. I jsut want ot stay with him and not losing him is more important than my feelings.
But just one time I want to say "I love you"


  • Cette étude est réellement passionnant.Congratulation à son initiateur.Je vais revenir régulièrement.

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