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You piss me off girl

Alright, I might be nice, but I am sick of acting nice for the sake of others. You ar enothing more than a crush of lula and the new bitch of seth for me. You want to ignore me, fine, you don't like me, alright, but stop pretending in front of others, and starting to act all nice of all of a sudden because others are watching.

You 2 want to be like that? start to totally forget people, change drasticly when she comes in the room, fine, but stop saying "oh no we don't ignore you" when you just to. You are trully annoying me when you are like that. For fuck's sake, I am not as ncie as my char alright? Andyes I am close to seb, I am friend with him, and you will have ot get used to the fact that I also touch him, hugh him. You want ot fuck him, go ahead, you want to date hima dn fuck lula, go ahead. You want to ignore me, I am glad. But don't you dare to act nice inf ront of others. Yes I am a bitch, make me look bad, for what I care. But don't get too much on my nerves girl, not gonna be pretty.

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