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I hate people

I hate people, deeply, simply, I hate people!!!!
I might be strange, I don't care, I hate when people insult my friends in front of me. I hate that, if they have sommething to say, why don't they tell the the person they hate???Coward -_-

One day I was with a party in that online game I'm playing and people were talking about a player called Elfenlied. Ok he knows how the game wors and is good at, but if you are jealous, just say it! I mpaybe don't know the player as his friends living close to him but he is nice, and all what I hear about him are lies. You can say I don"t know you irl, but I'm usre you"re not like they say and I would love to know you more.
But those guys were instulting Elfy and then said "honetly baha (my name is baha there) how can yo ube friend with such an asshole"
All what I said was "I jsut dunno how I can stay with morons like you, bye"

And I left them. I hate those people and I hate all what they say about Tien.

The next one saying bad things or insulting him I kill him understood? !!!!

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