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  • Fucking sick of bitches

    Ok now i just wanna say FUCK YOU. I start to have enough, am i not fucking allowed to live MY own life with who I want for fuck's sake? Or does i have to have some fucking ignorant and irresponssible people judging me? We always have people judging us, but for heaven's sake, it's not because they fucked up their life, because they cannot love anyone else than their own damn ass, or because they are not happy that they HAVE TO make other miserable.


    I am seriously sick of people, of those stalking my page, trying to talk to me by any mean, trying to get my mail or number or whatever.... Yes L****, or K**** who seems to enjoy being bitchy about davie and me. IN GOD'S NAME, our stuff, whatever i do with him is none of your fucking business!


    Yeah i may be childlish for your all damn perfections, but yes I yell. I wish i could fucking take the baseball bat to crush your fucking heads. I may be nice, but I have limits. And the limits are ready to be broken....


    Do me a favor, instread of trying to get your nose in OUR business, look at yourself first. Because between us and you girls, I am not quite sure we are the most miserable ones and the ones that should be taken care of.