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  • Back with Julian

    It can be surprising, but for me its is and it's not. I wa shoping we would be together again, but on another hand, I didn't think we would. But now, I am with him again. Julian, the first man I ever loved, and the only one. Still now, I love him, more than anyone.
    I remember how much I cried when it was over, when he tol dme he had no feelings for me anymore. I cried for days, staying in my bed for months and crying again. But the worse thing is I hated him at the beginnign but I was still loving him. I tried to be with someone else, never lasted more than a week. I couldn't be with anybody else than him. I blocked him for long, and for now a month or 2 I was talking with him again.
    Sam kept telling me not to talk to him but I couldn't help, i loved him still.
    For some days, he was telling me he love dme, but I thought it was "I like you a lot" main reason why I told him not to tell me that. But he loved me, still, he broke up with me even tho he still loved me, he cried as well. He can't date anybody else as I can't be with anyone else. I love him, I love him more than I could ever love anybody. He is the only one in my heart, i love him with all my heart, with all my soul.
    I was always saying I would not say that, but I know he is my soulmate, it's him! It can't be anybody else. He asked me to marry him in the past, and me who was always saying that I would never marry, I accepted without any hesitation. Once again he told me now he wants me to be his wife, and I want that. I was crying so much yesterday, when he told me all those words I was dreaming he would tell me. Those words I was waiting for so long.
    I know those test you do on internet are stupid, when I did the test "Have you met your true love yet?" I did it and the result: Meant for eachother, you two are true soulmates! You love each other no matter what, and will stay together forever"

    Juian, I love you, my heart always beloned to you and always will. I love you and being with you, holding you and never let you go is the only thing I ask. I just want you forever, want to be with you, forever.

    I love you.